Why you should vacation on a motorcycle "At least once in your life"

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(newsUSA) - Looking for a little extra excitement in your next vacation? You're certainly not the only one.

In fact, according to iExplore Inc., a leading resource for information about experiential travel, the adventure vacation industry is worth more than $40 billion and growing at a rate of 10 percent each year. Whether it's climbing the Rocky Mountains or jumping on a motorcycle and touring the breathtaking coastline of California, more Americans are adding a dose of much-needed pep to their travels.

And, as interest in adventure vacations continues to grow, more businesses are now catering specifically to thrill-seeking travelers. A company called EagleRider, for example, offers Harley-Davidson, Honda and BMW motorcycle rentals and riding tours all over the United States.

Officials at EagleRider say that much of the intrigue of taking an adventure vacation lies in the opportunity to engage in exciting and scenic travel, without having to do a lot of complicated planning and footwork.

Motorcycle Tours Rev Up Travelers' Vacations

EagleRider offers more than a dozen guided tours and more than 100 self-drive tours, which allow travelers to enjoy a thrilling motorcycle ride in a national park, through a shady forest, over rugged trails or even across the ocean's waters, all without having to haul their own vehicles.

EagleRider not only acts as a tour guide but also as a travel agent, booking hotel reservations and accommodations. All that customers have to do is relax, steer their choice of late-model motorcycle and enjoy the scenery.

One eight-day tour circles riders through California and then into Nevada, skirting the Grand Canyon and other sights along the way. Another tour takes riders through Florida and into Key West, stopping in Miami and Orlando among other spots.

With interest in adventure vacations peaking and businesses like EagleRider to accommodate it, adrenaline-fueled fun may be only a kick-start away for millions of travelers.

For more information or to find an EagleRider location near you, visit www.eaglerider.com.

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