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Kodiak Brake Products , as you will note below, has by far the broadest trailer disc brake products line available. Kodiak brakes will fit/retro fit to industry standard axles from 2000# GAWR to 14000# GAWR. Further they will accommodate the various industry standard brake flanges. Kodiak has specialized in furnishing the best value in trailer brakes (i.e. it may not the cheapest brake available, but we do strive to produce trailer brakes that are the least expensive to own over the brake life). For example, Kodiak “first” include *stainless steel pistons *ceramic brake pads with stainless steel backing plates *brass bleed screws *stainless steel brake hose flare fittings *stainless steel calipers *stainless steel caliper brackets *stainless steel rotors *stainless steel hubs for 3.5K, 6K and 7K axles.

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